Wednesday, 8 January 2014

"Ministry of Sound club in deal with developer over noise"

From The Evening Standard:

The boss of the Ministry of Sound nightclub today said a “groundbreaking” deal over noise would help the much-needed development of other areas of London close to major entertainment venues. The Elephant & Castle club reached an agreement with developer Englewood last week over a planned 41-storey tower yards from the Ministry of Sound’s main entrance.

Bosses, including co-founder James Palumbo, feared that construction noise would put off its clientele and could threaten the club's survival. But under the terms of the deal, developers have agreed to restrict hammering, drilling, deliveries and crane movements to outside the club's normal opening hours and provide the club with high levels of noise insulation features including acoustic glazing, sealed windows and internal “winter gardens” to address the club’s concerns.


Bayard said...

This is a favourite NIMBY trick: move into a house built next to a farm/factory/steam railway etc and then complain to the local authority about the noise/smell/mud/traffic/smoke etc. What amazes me is how often thse idiots get a sympathetic hearing.