Monday, 6 January 2014

“I’m not doing it because I have to, but if I get a chance, I find it immensely therapeutic.”

From The Evening Standard:

Television presenter Kirstie Allsopp has said she secretly enjoys mundane tasks such as washing, ironing and churning out baseless arguments against property taxes as she revealed she finds it “therapeutic”.

Location, Location, Location star Allsopp, 42, said: “I’m absolutely convinced that those repetitive tasks that one does every day, organising and regularising one’s home and constantly mentioning one's elderly parents who are sitting on a £2 million unearned windfall gain which one hopes to inherit, are enormously therapeutic.

“I know it is for me, and I have many, many working mum friends who feel the same. To know that their child is going to school with clean hair, clean teeth, clean uniforms and that their house is going up in value is what keeps her sane.”

Mother-of-two Allsopp, who also has two stepchildren with her partner, property developer Ben Andersen, said: “I’m not spouting economically illiterate scare stories because I have to, but if I get a chance, I find it immensely therapeutic.”

She told the Western Daily Press she tried to mention the asset-rich, cash-poor at least twice a week to try to stay in touch with other Home-Owner-Ists whose children attend the same school as hers.

"Two million quid for doing absolutely nothing. And all that'll be mine. Just think about that."


Ian Hills said...

People like her find the Liverpool Care Pathway therapeutic, but when the kids say it's HER turn to shuffle off this mortal coil....

Mark Wadsworth said...

IH, indeed.

Bayard said...

She's not half so good looking as Sarah Beeny.

DBC Reed said...

Don't care >Get over to Max Keiser (Tuesday night)One TV personality who is on the money.He has stolen our act! When he gets on to LVT, we may as well pack it in.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, you say "not half" but I would consider it to be a negative multiple of Beeny's all round loveliness.

DBC, yes, MBK sent me the link to Episode #546, in which Max K finally realises that Home-Owner-Ism underpins the whole thing and has many tentacles.

"When he gets on to LVT, we may as well..." sit back and relax and let him do our work for us :0)

Bayard said...

Yes, but he is repeating the myth that the current price rises are caused by shortage of supply as per that essay by James Meek I sent you a link to.

DBC Reed said...

I went to the Meek article (in name and nature) after hearing about it on Keiser and damn boring and commonplace it is too.And long!
The advantage of Keiser is that he makes us look moderate and sensible. Land Value Taxers used to have this middle-of-the-road status because the Land Nationalisers made them look more reasonable.

Bayard said...

"and damn boring and commonplace it is too.And long!"

Glad you think so too.