Monday, 6 January 2014

Dry January

I've noticed that the killjoys are out trying to get us to not drink with some sort of Dryanuary campaign.

I think there should be a campaign for more drinking in January, and so currently have 3 slogan ideas that we can use:-

• Happy New Beer
• Happy Two Thousand and Four Gins
• Have Another Canuary

Any other suggestions?

(probably too late for this year, but I think we can implement something by next January)


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes I've got a suggestion -

ignore them.

JohnM said...

Jan-u-hair of the dog

PJH said...


Google it - it started last year when this utter tosh came out, in a similar vein to Octabber to the nannying bansturbators' Stoptober.