Thursday, 30 January 2014

Another "car attacks house" story

From the BBC:

"I heard lots of revving and then the car must have just shot out of her driveway opposite, across the road, through my parents' brick wall and into the kitchen."

It is believed the car, an automatic, began revving uncontrollably. The woman tried to put it in park, but that meant going through reverse gear. The car then accelerated backwards.

The accident destroyed the room, which had been newly-renovated in December, as well as hitting the gas and water supplies. Emergency services and gas engineers spent four hours making sure the area was safe.


Lola said...

You may remember long ago some fat American getting a payout from Audi because she claimed that he auto Audi 100 did almost exactly the thing described here.

Audi proved it was rubbish and it was all down to her own incompetence.

Which do you back here? The car or the driver?