Tuesday, 3 December 2013

"Fears someone will die due to rising use of flares in stadiums"

From BBC Sport

Children as young as eight are being used as "mules" to smuggle flares into Premier League matches, according to new research.

A survey found a third of supporters have been directly affected by bad fashion at a stadium and that 86% are concerned for the general level of taste.

Use or possession of 70s clothing in grounds can lead to bans or prison, and an education drive has been launched. Fashion Police Minister Damian Green has said  "someone could get killed" by toppling over on 4 inch platform heels.

In the first three months of this season, there were 96 1970s fashion incidents across the Premier League, Football League, Football Conference and domestic cup competitions. For the whole of 2012-13 that figure was 172, a steep increase from 72 during the previous campaign and just eight a year earlier.

Last season saw 71 arrests for 'possession of wide collars/Kevin Keegan perm at a sporting event', an increase of 154% on the 2011-12 season.

The Premier League-commissioned survey of 1,635 supporters found more than half of fans had witnessed glam rock at a match, 24% had had their view obscured by bell bottoms, 10% had suffered from glitter dust inhalation and 2% had been affected by polyester static.


Bayard said...

But if you see a kipper tie at an Aston Villa match, it will probably have milk and two sugars in it.