Monday, 18 November 2013

Songs which sound the same: "Egyptian Reggae" and "Canton"

Listen to the first five or ten seconds of each song!

Jonathan Richman, back in 1977 (the song was itself a sort-of cover version).

Hyper-serious Japan*, four years later. Did nobody tap them on the shoulder and point it out to them?
* I actually quite like Japan, the fact that everybody else hated them made them more rather than less appealing.


The Stigler said...

Good spot.

I quite like some Japan, especially Mick Karn's bass playing on Visions of China. And I like their version of I Second that Emotion as it's one of those cover versions where the band make it their own (like Siouxsie doing Dear Prudence).

Is this a series? I have a very strange "Songs that sound the same".

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, agreed, if you do, go on post it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you asked for it...

'We used to know' (Jethro Tull 1969)

Which many argue inspired

'Hotel California' (Eagles 1976)

(Basically same chord sequence)

Led Zep were the biggest rip off merchants. But they did it so well...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Prog, nice one, I always knew there was something fishy about "Hotel California". I've posted it for tomorrow evening.