Thursday, 21 November 2013

"Nurse in intensive care after being trampled by a herd of cows while taking part in hi-tech sat-nav treasure hunt"

Spotted by James Higham in The Daily Mail.

It's a fantastic headline, but what actually triggered the attack was the same old low-tech animal companion:

Sarah Leonard was walking in a field with her dog in North Scarle, Lincolnshire, when the group of animals charged, leaving her with life-threatening injuries.


Graeme said...

are you keeping a count of cow assaults, along with a correlation against the value of the property lived in by the victim? Are cows closet LVT supporters?

Mark Wadsworth said...

G, no, there are hundreds of cow attacks a year in this country andI only spot a few, or somebody emails them in.

I think cows just hate humans because we enslave, breed, kill and eat them.

Ben Jamin' said...


If that were true Gerald Cavendish would have been squished to human soup many a moon ago.

I believe he has many farms as well as owing the one most expensive patches of real estate on the planet ;)

View from the Solent said...

This from the Mail as well

Graeme said...

do you mean Gerald Grosvenor? The Howard de Walden estates in Marylebone are also quite interesting.

Kj said...

I think cows just hate humans because we enslave, breed, kill and eat them.

Yet, all the species that humans have domesticated, plant and animal, are among the most successfull on earth. Seems to me that cows made a deal with the devil here.

Peter Thornton said...

At the same time that the Nurse was being trampled, I was also trampled by a herd of cows on public footpath next to junc 4 of the M42 in Solihull. I was charged to the ground and trampled by about 30 or 40 cows and mature calves. Luckily I escaped with only bruising after wading across a river. And yes I did have a dog with me. He came off slightly worse but also survived.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Kj, yes, the total number of cows alive is a hundred times what it would be if we hadn't domesticated them. A deal with the devil indeed.

PT, sorry to hear that and glad you survived, but as you can see, taking a dog for a walk anywhere near cows (esp. with calves) is Russian Roulette, and wading through a river was probably a price worth paying to escape them.