Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fun Online Polls: Who is the smuggest & Age of consent

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll, as suggested by Ralph Musgrave, were as follows:

Who’s the most pompous, boring and sanctimonious?

Leaders of the three main political parties - 27%
Feminists - 24%
“Anti-fascists” - 23%
Home-Owner-Ists - 10%
University students - 5%
The Anglican “High Church” - 3%
Other, please specify - 9%

With the benefit of hindsight, the original list had some glaring omissions and perhaps I should have allowed multiple answers. Other suggestions were:

Lola: "Me. At least according to Mrs L, and she should know…"
Anthony: "Drama Greens"
johnd2008: "All of the above"
MWaPW: "Greens…"
Robin Smith: [listed various Home-Owner-Ist and Faux Lib pressure groups]
Peeta: "Libertarians"
Maxn; "The Systemic Fiscal Reform Group? Meltfund?"
JQ: "Well at least HO-ists believe in something (however contradictory it may be). Cleggeroband believe in nothing at all."
Wigner's Friend: "All of the above + the animal rights fanatics/fruitcakes"
corncrake: "Fellow bloggers?"
Jesus Green: "Agree with BP 100% and would add enviromentalists. Especially the ban fossil fuel, more 'sustainable' energy, save the planet for my grandchildren type."
Furor Teutonicus: "ALL of them."
Bastard Panda: "Public health lobbyists"
And lo, to this week's Fun Online Poll.

This relates back to The Stigler's musings of earlier.

"If it were up to you, what would the age of consent be?"

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