Wednesday, 2 October 2013

"We will build a landlord of opportunity"

From The Daily Mail:

David Cameron says he is backing Britain as 'a landlord of opportunity' where 'rent seeking' and 'leveraged land speculation' are not 'dirty words'.

The Prime Minister will claim in his speech to the Conservative Party conference today that only the Tories will stand up for landowners, landlords and bankers who 'prise wages out of people's pockets and food off their tables'.

Attacking the 'anti-landowner' agenda laid out by Labour leader Ed Miliband last week, he will insist that higher rents and house prices, not a larger state, are the answer to Britain's economic woes.

He will also make his frankest admission of the weaknesses of the Coalition, saying it is clear Britain needs a strong majority Government 'with a clear mandate' that is 'accountable to its funders and backers'.

He will say the 'great Conservative mission' is to build a 'landlord of opportunity' and enable the Land Monopoly Black Hole to devour what little growth there is in the economy.

But attempts to focus on the improving economy were dealt a blow last night when Cabinet minister Kenneth Clarke said the 'ordinary landlord isn't feeling much benefit' because rents were increasing only slightly faster than earnings or general prices.


The Stigler said...

Spot on.

Pro-business? Bring in LVT and CI and you'll create such a boom in business in this country, you'll be able to hear it from the Urals.

Pablo said...

Max Keiser ranted about this at length yesterday in his "Report". Why he never mentions LVT, God only knows.