Thursday, 3 October 2013

Something else that Bob E pointed out to me...

... is that so-called think tank DEMOS will recommend anything you like if you are prepared to "fund their research".

The Guardian merrily rehashes the press release:

Last week the Campaign for Housing in Later Life was launched at a housing summit in Westminster to urge government to improve the housing choices for older people.

Esther Rantzen, the campaign's spokeswoman, addressed MPs and representatives from the housing industry and presented a report from the Demos think tank highlighting the chronic undersupply of appropriate retirement housing in Britain, which it calls, the "next big housing crisis".

Hmm, without looking, who do you think might have a vested interest in building loads of retirement homes, or at least getting planning permission for them?

Shall we have a sneaky peek at the acknowledgements in the DEMOS report..?

This report has benefited from the support, hard work and expertise of a huge number of people.

First, I would like to thank the members of the Home Builders Federation, whose generous funding made this research possible...


Lola said...

The moment you see those two words 'esther' and 'rantzen' you know it's going to be bollocks.

Ben Jamin' said...

I was wondering where all the hype surrounding our "housing crisis" might be stemming from.

Apparently it's from a report written by The Future Homes Commission.

AKA The Institution of British Architects.

Would they have any interest in the building of hundreds of thousands of new homes each year?

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, I think she's quite good fun actually, just a bit gullible.

BJ, that's the general idea.

Bayard said...

BJ, I hate to debunk a good conspiracy theory, but most housebuilders don't use architects. You don't need one to design the sort of houses they put up. All you need is a competent draughtsman.

Lola said...

MW Gullible = bollocks. IMHO she's a smug simpering holier than thou git.