Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fun Online Polls: Help To Buy, Fergie, Prince Andrew

The result in last week's Fun Online Poll was as follows:

If housing were affordable, there would be neither need nor excuse for Help To Buy.

Agree - 89%
Disagree - 4%
Other, please specify - 7%

A good turnout, over a hundred took part and I'm in the clear majority on that one.
For a bit of light relief, according to the always reliable and scrupulously accurate Daily Mail*, Fergie and Prince Andrew are going to get married again. Possibly. Hedging their bets nicely there.

Ah bless! I'm neither hard core monarchist nor romantic, but stories about people "finding each other again after xxx years apart" always give me a warm fuzzy glow.

What does the equally well informed readership think?

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* I'm not joking, while the Mail has a pretty clear and predictable editorial policy, when it comes to rehashing statistics or press releases, they usually include all the important facts and figures, albeit sometimes relegated to the very end of the article when they contradict the actual headline.


The Stigler said...

same here. Staunch republican, but you can't really knock people getting together if it's sincere.

The funny thing is that even as a kid, I remember seeing Chuck and Di just after they got engaged and just thinking they didn't look right.