Monday, 21 October 2013

Fun Online Polls: Harry Potter films & Plebgate

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll, on an unsurprisingly low turnout were as follows:

Which is your favourite Harry Potter film?

Philosopher's Stone 9%
Chamber of Secrets 4%
Prisoner of Azkaban 11%
Goblet of Fire 0%
Order of The Phoenix 0%
Half Blood Prince 0%
Deathly Hallows - Part 1 4%
Deathly Hallows - Part 2 5%
I've never seen any of them 68%

By a slim margin, people liked "Prisoner of Azkaban" best, which also happens to be my favourite, it's the best-made film in terms of conveying the story from the book with a lot of background colour without getting too distracted by sub-plots or random scenes.

It's also interesting that the first three films got the most votes, I suppose people got bored after that apart from a small hard core who saw it through to the bitter end and then liked those best.
The Plebgate affair drags on, without anybody caring any more:

A transcript of the meeting showed that, while he admitted swearing, Mr Mitchell denied using the word "pleb" or insulting the police.

I'm not sure if it's possibly to swear at somebody without insulting them, I've never got away with it.

But on the basis of no information whatsoever, let's settle the matter with a Trial By Internet.

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Bayard said...

It seems very likely that "Plebgate" was engineered to discredit Andrew Mitchell, and thus it also seems likely that it was not the police who sought to do this, for why should they? It is far more probable that it was enemies of his in Westminster, in which case the police were acting under orders from one politician to discredit another, which is a far more serious scandal that either the police or Andrew Mitchell lying about what happened.

The Cowboy Online said...

"I'm not sure if it's possibly to swear at somebody without insulting them, I've never got away with it."

For fuck's sake, really?

The Stigler said...

I think the latter films are generally better, although I really like Azkaban. Deadly Hallows PT 2 is pretty epic.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, everything is possible. A simpler explanation is that the police were unhappy about funding cuts and set out to undermine certain politicians generally, but I'm not aware that he was the main cheerleader for cutting police funding.

I suspect that he was simply rude to them and they took a dislike to him. Coppers do not like the general public being rude towards them, they find it very tiresome and respond quite aggressively (understandably, I think).

TCO, there are some people who find swearing offensive, even if the swearword is clearly directed at a third party. The preening twats.

TS, yes, you are one of the few who saw them through to the bitter end, and they do get "better" but only if you know the back story. Pris of Azk can be watched more or less in isolation as a standalone film.