Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fun Online Polls: Fergie, Prince Andrew & Ralph Miliband

The responses to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

Fergie and Prince Andrew might get married again...

Not bothered either way - 56%

Ah bless, good luck to them - 21%
Clearly nobody else would have them - 16%
Which Fergie? Sir Alex Ferguson? - 4%
They are making a laughing stock of the Royal Family - 3%
Other, please specify - 0%

Fair do's. I was in the "Ah bless" camp myself.
The Daily Mailiband saga continues. As a brighter mind than mine once said, it's the only newspaper which trolls its own readership.

Today they published this photo:
So, notwothstanding there is no such place as "Britain", that's the topic of this week's Fun Online Poll: are we capable of distinguishing between the people of a country as a whole and in the round, and a narrow self-appointed élite?

Of course, we swiftly go round the clock and realise that most professors at the LSE, whose kids went to Oxford when it was still "free" and end up as Foreign Secretary or Leader Of The Opposition without ever having had a proper job are part of the self-same, general-populace-loathing, self-appointed élite, but hey...

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Lola said...

I do like a tasty bird...

The Stigler said...


I'm always amused at Guardian writers who still think they're part of the progressive movement, despite the fact that as well as being Guardian writers, they typically are only ever involved in The Establishment (BBC, academia, National Trust).

Bayard said...

Unless the DM has ringed the wrong face, it seems that they've got it wrong in that Pippa and the girl
to her right are not wearing Dubarry boots, but ordinary long leather boots, but perhaps the chance to make a (very tenuous) link between Pippa and a royal mistress was too tempting to pass up.

Dinero said...

Of course there is a place called Britain. If Scotland left Great Britain , Britain would be Cornwall to Northumberland wouldn't it.