Monday, 30 September 2013

Peter Lilley on top form

From City AM Forum:

So it is with most merchants of global warming doom. Their models forecast that, as carbon dioxide emissions rise, the world's temperature should accelerate upwards. Over a third of human carbon emissions since the beginning of time have been pumped into the atmosphere since the end of the last century - but the temperature has simultaneously stopped rising. That would give all objective scientists cause to question these models...

Until scientists agree whether warming will be minimal or massive, we should not drive our fellow citizens into fuel poverty, undermine manufacturing and waste taxpayer billions.

Meanwhile Miliband, who was environment secretary when the Climate Change Act committed future governments to replace fossil fuels by renewables costing two or three times as much, promises to freeze energy prices. The fact that even he didn't mention his Act, which is incompatible with his pledge, shows it is politically indefensible.

A point I made myself last week, but it's nice to hear somebody else say it.


The Stigler said...

I think that the warmist lot are now simply playing to their crowd.

How you can get from 90-95% certainty to 95% certainty when the warming hasn't appeared, I don't know.

Kj said...

TS: by volume of publications in support?