Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mildly gratifying Google searches

I used to get an unfair share of these, but presumably due to some EU-inspired anti-Google shite (all in the name of "freeing up competition", no doubt) Google were no longer allowed to push posts on Blogger up to the top of the list.

But I've had a couple of mildly gratifying ones today:

imagine that 1% of people have a certain disease - 2 out of 16 million

Suko tips - 3 out of 3 million

99% of giving the result positive - 5 out of 24 million

costa vs starbucks prices - 3 out of 473,000


Ian Hills said...

Bad choice of search words for the fourth link, but at least you ended up on the first search results page for the first three.

Mark Wadsworth said...

IH, I've had a fair few hits for the Costa v Starbucks post, actually.