Monday, 9 September 2013

"Lucozade and Ribena sold for £1.35"

From the BBC:

A bottle of Lucozade and a small box of Ribena have been sold by Mr Patel at the corner shop in Sudbury to a Japanese tourist and his wife for £1.35.

The couple already own a bottle of Orangina and a bottle of Schweppes, and the deal is expected to help them expand their choice of drinks later in the day when they head into London to do some sight seeing.

The deal was widely expected after the couple entered the shop and started perusing the chiller cabinet early this morning. Mr and Mrs Patel chose to stock the well-known UK brands after deciding to complement their core newspaper and cigarettes business.

The Patels saw combined sales of Lucozade and Ribena totalling £6,000 last year and starting selling the brands after a strategic review with their regular delivery driver in April.


Bruce said...

I never quite understood how Lucozade fitted in with GSK after its marketing was switched from being a drink for ill-people to being a "soft-roader" sports drink.