Monday, 30 September 2013

How Buggered is France? Very says Switzerland!

And the Confederation Helvetica is not taking any chances according to France 24

Switzerland's army simulated a French attack against their country in a military exercise carried out in August, the Swiss daily newspaper Matin Dimanche revealed on Sunday.

The exercise employed a scenario in which a financially stricken France had been fractured into several regional entities, one of which was on the verge of attacking Switzerland to retrieve money it had allegedly stolen from France.

"The exercise has strictly nothing to do with France," Daniel Berger, captain of the Swiss armoured brigade, told the press. "It was prepared in 2012, when fiscal relations between both countries were less tense.”

Although big on neutrality now, (historically the Swiss made a lot of cash shipping out mercenaries and their pike men had a big rivalry with the German Landsknechts), the Swiss can still field an army of about 2 million (Contrast with the UK's 80 thousand odd) to defend a mountainous, river strewn chunk of land about the size of Wales. It is also quite usual when battling through the living hell of Zurich Central Station to see gents in their late teens/early twenties making their way back to barracks in combat fatigues and with the SIG 550 assault rifle strapped to them. I would not bet on France.... or a rampaging army of angry Greeks either....
The Swiss army carried out a different military exercise in 2012, based on the premise of an unmanageable influx of refugees following a crash of the euro currency and ensuing chaos across the European continent.