Monday, 2 September 2013

Fun Online Polls: Choosing where to buy petrol & Syria

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

What factors do you take into account when deciding where to buy petrol or diesel?

Price and convenience - 54%

Price alone - 23%
Convenience alone - 9%
The brand. Some brands are better than others - 8%
Other, please specify - 5%

Two respondents speficially mentioned Shell VPower. Lola (who ought to know about this stuff, being a hobby racing driver and everything) said that it "is very good indeed" and StevenL said he buys it "every couple of months in case the additives actually do anything".

I go for price-and-convenience myself, glad to see I'm in the majority again.
About a million words have been written about what we should or shouldn't do about Syria.

I have no particular insight or knowledge about that particular country and have nothing to add to the debate, but I do know that there is a general rule that invading or attacking countries is nearly always counter-productive. You have to be really, really bloody sure about the outcome before you even think about doing so. Or at least really sure about what will happen if you don't attack.

But your opinion's as good as mine.

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The Stigler said...

The trouble with most of the Middle East is that you're either supporting a dictatorship or a theocracy. Democracy is often described as the least-worst system, but you really need democracy with a constitution that protects rights, and a society that respects and agrees to that constitution (Britain will get there eventually).

I'd let them fight it out, see where the dust settles, and if we get the sort of government/government system that we think is worth supporting, then back it up. Because odds are, we'll see this dictator replaced with another one, or a theocracy.