Monday, 2 September 2013

Could the Guardian Be More Miserable?

From the Guardian:

With preparations for this year's Oktoberfest under way and the Franconian medieval festival season in full swing, German traditionalists say a piece of their heritage is threatened by a fad for cheap, "sexy" dirndl-style dresses made in China.

The traditional German costume has its roots in Franconian and Bavarian culture and the three-piece outfit – usually consisting of a low-cut white blouse, a long skirt and an apron – can cost several hundred euros. When hand-sewn and properly tailored it will last for decades. Many southern Germans still keep either a pair of lederhosen or a dirndl in their cupboards for festivities and special occasions.

But traditional makers are concerned that a trend among the young for off-the-peg party dirndls is an affront to their heritage. "Young people aren't necessarily aware of tradition," Monika Bürks told the German dpa news agency at a dirndl and lederhosen fair this weekend in the Bavarian town of Greding.

Unlike her clients, who can pay up to €700 for a custom-fitted costume to be worn at weddings and family celebrations, Bürks said young girls "just want to look nice and sexy in their fantasy dirndls".

A dirndl and lederhosen fair? That reeks of re-enactment societies to me, and whatever the German equivalent of fart-smelling real ale bores is.

The whole point of a dirndl was that it was a cheap, practical peasant dress. Wikipedia helpfully points out that Dirndlgewand means "maid's dress". So, what these women are doing is getting a cheap maid's dress, probably something with a lower material cost, like this:


View from the Solent said...

Perhaps not so low cost with all the material needed to make that blouse.

Anonymous said...

Yes of course it could.

Being the G, really they ought to be lambasting dirndl dresses/blouses for their outrageously low-cut neck lines, objectification of women etc blah blah blah

The Stigler said...

But you couldn't really use much less material.

Someone at the Graun obviously missed that on the victimhood poker priority list. Sexism definitely trumps traditional producers.