Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Common sense? (2)

Lola said on Monday that there was hope yet:

[Nick Clegg] sayeth, in response to a question about Mansion Tax, something on the lines of 'we think that it is a good thing to reduce taxation on labour and enterprise and increase it on property and wealth'. Now we know he's a bit confused about the factors of production and 'wealth', but really that is pretty good for the Cleggster.

The Cleggster was a little more specific on yesterday's Channel 4 News, video below. You can skip the waffle and crap and start at 3 mins 10 seconds in, the debate about Lib Dem tax and spend policies.

Interviewer: "Who else are you going to clobber if not the richest ten per cent?"

Cleggster: "... if you start at the top, it's how you define the top which I think is at stake here... [interrupted by interviewer] ... what does represent our thinking, unsurprisingly, which is actually what we've decided in this conference where we set out our overall approach to taxation.

"We've been very clear, we actually want to see lower taxes on income and effort and enterprise, but higher taxes on wealth and land."

Yup, he actually said "land", which is a quantum leap for a politician, seeing as "wealth" can mean whatever you want it to mean, it means everything and nothing.



Mark Wadsworth said...

Oops. I deleted a comment from Bayard:

""Yup, he actually said "land""

He'll be Huhned soon. "

Ian Hills said...

What he really meant -

"We actually want to see higher taxes on income and effort and enterprise, as well as higher taxes on wealth and land."

Mark Wadsworth said...

IH, that is exactly what he did not mean.

For all the Lib Dems' faults, they actually mean this quite seriously, they have done for over a century.

Ian Hills said...

Oh, good - tell me when income tax will be coming down, then.

Mark Wadsworth said...

IH, the Lib Dems have long agitated for a policy of increasing the personal allowance to £10k, something I nicked for UKIP.

And bless them, they got it. Now, income tax is nowhere near as bad as VAT or NIC, but there you go.

DBC Reed said...

Clegg has been pushed into being so brave by Uncle Vince who said at the conference that the country was being invaded ,again, by an army of estate agents ,property speculators and bankers and that there should be a feasibility study into LVT. Funny, I haven't seen these ideas debated with him on Newsnight. Damn all comment in the Guardian either.
Bayard is right: this kind of open anti-Homeownerist insurrection could lead to some serious Huhning.
Also that Portuguese bwanker Antonio Horta Osorio said a few days ago there's no bubble developing but later said on the telly news that they should make sure more land's available.(If any cohort of the Homeownerist army of occupation should mutiny its the bwankers.They are being told to tie up most of their loans in the mortgage market which they know bubbles and collapses,taking the banks with them.)