Saturday, 10 August 2013

Unfortunate juxtaposition?*

from the Indie on-line

 * admittedly it probably depends heavily on whether you subscribe to "Jennifer Anniston in film = give film wide berth"


The Stigler said...

There's is one classic in which Jennifer Aniston is involved. She voices Hogarth's mother in The Iron Giant.

Bruce Almighty is OK. Also, the episode of 30 Rock that she features in, she's pretty good.

I've also heard good things about Office Space and Horrible Bosses.

And maybe it was because it didn't cost me anything, but I didn't hate The Bounty Hunter.

Pablo said...

I think I've been in love with Jennifer Aniston since I 1st saw her in Friends.

Bayard said...

"Jennifer Anniston in film = give film wide berth"

Why, does she have a body that would put you off your breakfast?

Mark Wadsworth said...

I quire liked Bounty Hunter and The Break Up. I didn't like her character in Friends at all but I can't remember any film which she did which was really awful.