Sunday, 11 August 2013

"This sounds right up your street!"

... says Pub Curmudgeon, who spotted this at the BBC:

People living on a housing estate in Greater Manchester awoke to find a herd of cows on their doorsteps.

Up to 40 cows are believed to have escaped from Bongs Farm, Stockport sometime before 04:30 BST and congregated at Eastover Road, Romiley.

Resident James Small said neighbours were woken by "mooing" as dawn approached. "It was the funniest wake-up call ever," he said.

Police said the cows have now been safely returned back to the farm.

Well yes and no - that was nowhere near my street, but it is the sort of story I love to post.


Ian Hills said...

Sounds like racism to me. Those cows might have been fleeing persecution and seeking asylum. Why did the Home Office not send out someone who could speak Cow?

As a Guardian reader I am sick of the stereotyping cows are subject to - they spread muck everywhere, they moo, etc. All unsubstantiated EDL rubbish. Cows work hard for their keep, unlike the native working class.

Incidentally we are having a latte morning at the CLP to raise funds for Cow Lib. I hope no Unite oiks turn up - or cows, for that matter.

Macheath said...

In case you missed it:

James Higham said...

Not Bongo Bongo farm?