Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The S F O is verging on becoming, if it isn't already,

a laughing stock, and who knows what the next bit of "bad press" is going to be ....

So, you surely have to feel some sympathy for new SFO Director David Green, who may well be wondering what he has let himself in for - all that adverse comment from the PAC about his predecessor's apparent attitude towards "the rules governing the approval of  redundancy/compensation/severance packages for indispensable people who are nevertheless leaving" and the terms some of those "indispensable people" were employed on, and the basis on which they were recruited; and some of the things they did that they didn't ought to, like arranging consultancy contracts without the proper approval; and murmurings of "corruption probes" and "police investigations" - hardly the sort of stuff the nation's watchdogs to root out Fraud etc. would want to be tarred with.  

Mind you, he could perhaps lessen the burden on himself by taking a leaf out of his predecessors books- 

1. arrange a consultancy with some HR experts to investigate SFO recruitment practices and advise on improvements
2. get in one of the Big 4 Accountancy firms to carry out an audit of SFO financial governance and advise on improvements
3. invite in those Consultants that were contracted by the previous regime and ask if they've any ideas on what they were supposedly employed to do for the SFO, and 
4. ask for an quick, informal, between people on the same side private looksee at the names on that SOCA list  and thereby facilitate access to an efficient "private eye" who can start digging and leave no stone unturned in finding out "what has been going on at the SFO ferrcrissake" and perhaps in particular why those consultancies were entered into, who by, and what for; just in case a different answer is thrown up to that materialising via suggestion 3

 ... preferably getting the requisite permissions and approvals for all of these expenditures in advance, of course :-)

Update (not quite 24 hours later) re : "and who knows what the next bit of 'bad press' is going to be ...."  

Serious Fraud Office admits losing thousands of documents linked to BAE

Anti-fraud unit says it accidentally sent 32,000 pages obtained as part of investigation into defence firm to wrong person

and in this article we are informed "In addition, David Green, the director of the SFO, has launched an independent wide-ranging review of all the organisation's business processes."  Whether that means he is doing it all himself or following any of yesterday's suggestions, the article doesn't say ...     


Ian Hills said...

Bastards all.

Mark Wadsworth said...

... and their beer tastes just like Fosters.