Monday, 12 August 2013

Tesco Chairman in Oxford Politician Attack

From The Telegraph:-

Tesco's chairman released extracts of his speech over the weekend in which he accused "scumbag politicians" of choosing Oxbridge Arts and PPE graduates over local candidates for electoral office.

The chairman attacked the Labour Party for parachuting their Cambridge contemporaries into urban seats and criticised the Conservatives for stuffing the shires with their old Oxford drinking chums.

Both parties retaliated and protested to the chairman, with the Conservatives saying that they had a token Working-Class and obese Conservative in the amorphous shape of Eric Pickles, while the Labour party pointed out that their token Champagne socialist Dennis Skinner had been in government.

Yesterday, both parties rejected the attack from the chairman and insisted that they tried “incredibly hard” to formulate substance-free PR campaigns to make themselves look in touch with the general public.