Tuesday, 13 August 2013

"Teenagers who drink heavily and take drugs are 'more likely to have fun' in life"

From The Daily Mail:

Teenagers who drink excessively and take drugs can increase their chances of having a good time before the age of 65.

Researchers, who examined data from more than 488,000 young conscripts from 1969 to 1979, have identified nine factors which increase the chances of enjoying yourself.

These also include taking anti-psychotic drugs, having parents who turn a blind eye, going to clubs and concerts, being tall and/or good looking, being showered with affection while young and not worrying too much about tomorrow.

The study found absence of these factors accounted for most cases of young-onset depression (YOD) diagnosed before the age of 65.

Dr Peter Nordstrom of Umea University, in Sweden, said: '

"Young-onset depression that is, depression diagnosed before 65 years of age, has been related to genetic mutations in affected families. The identification of other risk factors could improve the understanding of this heterogeneous group of syndromes.

"Collectively, failure to indulge in any such hedonistic activities accounted for 68 per cent of the YOD cases identified."


View from the Solent said...

OTOH, there is an alternative explanation to the Wail's for not being able to remember the 1960s.

Mark Wadsworth said...

VFTS, that's another myth.

You can remember loads of the crazy stuff you did when you were young, substance induced or otherwise, as if it were yesterday.

It's the stuff that happened since you "settle down" at 25 or 30 years old that's all a bit of a blur.

I personally can't remember the 60s because I'm too young, but I don't think that's what you meant.

Lola said...

You missed out see and rock and roll

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, those are not things which you dabble in as a teenager, those are lifelong essentials.

Lola said...

MW - Ah but, you have to practise...