Thursday, 1 August 2013

"Pyrenees hiker killed by charging cows"

Emailed in by View From The Solent, from The Telegraph:

An 85-year-old hiker has been killed (1) and four others injured, including two children, after they were charged by a herd of cows in the Pyrenees.

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday afternoon close to the French village of Azet as a party made their way up to the Col d'Azet peak in south west France. All are thought to have disturbed the cows, including ones with young calves, grazing beside a high mountain path.

Pascal Sancho, from a nearby mountain rescue centre, said the hiker died after being knocked to the ground by one of the cows.

"Cows descended from the high pastures, and charged into the group," said Mr Sancho. "One of the cows, accompanied by a calf, rushed straight into the man, who fell over with serious injuries."

1) Strange use of the past tense. I would have written "was killed". In fact the whole sentence is a mess, because the killing and injuring did not happen "after they were charged" but right at the moment "when they were charged". Then again, the man died later so that clearly was "after". Ho hum.