Wednesday, 7 August 2013

It must have had IDS experiencing a "Victor Meldrew moment" ....

surely becoming aware that  (a) some idiot had organised a staff attitudes survey amongst staff working on his "flagship project" [not of course to be confused with any other DWP "flagship project" like the Work Programme] and (b) then allowed the results to leak into the public domain  had our normally unflappable Secretary for Work and Pensions shouting "I don't believe it!" ....

One civil servant writes of "a near complete absence of anything that looks like strategic leadership in the programme". Another says: "There is a divisive culture of secrecy around current programme developments and very little in the way of meaningful messages for staff or stakeholders explaining what will happen and when."
Taking a direct swipe at managers, another civil servant says: "I have never worked somewhere where decision making was so apparently poor at senior levels … and communications from that level was totally nonexistent. This programme should be a case study for how not to engage with your people to get the most out of them."
Comments included: "After 29 years of service this has been the most soul-destroying work I have done," and: "There is too much dishonesty and no one ever admits to making a mistake."
Another said: "This is the third review in 16 months, no rollout plans, no confidence in going forward and stakeholders losing confidence in our ability to deliver."
In an email to [Universal Credit] programme staff on 23 July, the business change director, a senior civil servant, admits that the initial findings from the survey revealed that there was "much room for improvement".