Tuesday, 13 August 2013

HMRC intends to really get tough on 'aggressive' tax avoidance; and in particular with the 'cowboy advisers promoting these high-risk schemes'

and has launched a public consultation on the subject, asking "can we have the unreserved power to 'name and shame' them ?"

One proposal for tackling the behaviour of high-risk promoters is to ‘name and shame’ them. HMRC does not currently have the power to name promoters of avoidance schemes whose behaviour is high-risk; Raising the stakes on tax avoidance consultation looks to give HMRC the power to do so unreservedly.

Naming high-risk promoters will publicly identify them, distinguish them from mainstream tax advisers and make sure that their customers know who they are dealing with.


Mark Wadsworth said...

That's like free advertising for the "cowboys".

I wonder whether the Big 4 will be on the list or in charge of compiling it?