Friday, 9 August 2013

BDTP Reveals UK Fag and Booze Heroes

From The Telegraph

BDTP (Blokes Down The Pub) have decided to publish the role of honour to celebrate the men who save the public millions on booze and fags.
The names on the Honour Role are described as “Robin Hoods who have got us all cheap fags and booze,  instead of the money going to government to piss away on high-speed rail and sporting events that hardly anyone cares about”

The Honour Role includes
Hussain Asad Chohan, 44, believed to be in Dubai. He is celebrated for importing 2.25 tonnes of tobacco, saving hard-working smokers £750,000.
Leigang Liang, 38, believed to be in the UK, was honoured for illegally importing tobacco from China. The estimated saving to smokers was £2.6 million.
Wayne Joseph Hardy, 49, now believed to be in South Africa, was honoured for manufacturing tobacco products and not paying duty. The estimated saving to smokers was £1.9 million.
Gordon Arthur, 60, believed to be in the United States, honoured for illegally importing cigarettes and alcohol, saving smokers and drinkers around £15 million.
Emma Elizabeth Tazey, 38, also believed to be in the United States, is celebrated for the same savings.
Malcolm McGregor McGowan, 60, believed to be in Spain, is celebrated for illegally importing cigarettes saving around £16 million to smokers.
Dimitri Gaskov, 27, thought to be in Estonia, smuggled three million cigarettes into the UK using desktop computers.
Mohamed Sami Kaak, 45, thought to be in Tunisia, is celebrated for smuggling millions of cigarettes into the UK between March 2005 and September 2006 and saving taxpayers around £822,000 in duty.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Typical, we're celebrating British heroes of the resistance but hardly any of us lethargic Brits made it onto the honours list. Thank G-d for foreigners with their enterprise skills.

The Stigler said...


Well, these are the ones on the run, and if you read the article, most of them have gone abroad, which makes this list pretty farcical.

If one of these people gets picked up somewhere, it'll be because they broke another law, not because of Joe Public spotting them.

I've decided to do some research into the history of smuggling, by the way. Even from an early look at it, it's pretty fascinating.

Lola said...

And what's the cure for all this 'tax efficiency (us)/Evasion (Gummint)? What one thing springs to mind as a certain way of raising State revenue that is almost 100% unavoidable? And is also so in yer face that the gummint would not be able to hike it? Go on. Gi' us a clue.

The Stigler said...


LVT: Not just a floor cleaner, also a desert topping.

You might notice that the taxes being evaded (duty, VAT) are the worst taxes.

OK, we might want to tax fags and booze to pay for the damage done, work to be paid for by the NHS. Fair enough. At which point, our duty would only be slightly higher than France, and then it's not really worth anyone trying to avoid/evade.

Bayard said...

"I've decided to do some research into the history of smuggling, by the way."

In the mid C19th, it was a lot more profitable. Duty on wine was 1s a bottle (£3.50 a bottle in today's money).

The Stigler said...


There's some debate about the creation of brandy, but one thought is that it was wine merchants bringing it from abroad and distilling it as you could then pay the same as wine, and thinking it could be watered down on arrival.

Bayard said...

I don't know about the origins of brandy, but I do know that back in the days when England owned what is now the wine region of Bordeaux, they had to put brandy into the casks of wine, or the wine would be destroyed by being tossed about on its way to England.