Thursday, 11 July 2013

"Your wife is heading for £3,000 funding gap"

From the BBC:

Your wife needs to take urgent decisions about restricting her shopping trips to a smaller number of retail outlets to avoid a growing funding gap, according to her.

In a report, your wife warns that by 2020-21 the gap between the budget and rising spending could reach £3,000.

Your acting chief executive said fashion items and accessories needed to be sourced from fewer stores. Otherwise she said pressures could lead to another tragedy on the scale of the dress she wore last summer holiday which turned out to be see-through under ultra violet light or those jeans which made her legs look short.

Yoyr wife told BBC Radio 4's Today programme:  "We need to make sure that the way in which shoe and handbag spending is organised is in the best way for me."

She said concentrating specialist services was key - citing the new salon on the High Street which does hair, nails and other beauty treatments all in one visit and where outcomes are some of the best in town.


CornCrake said...

I honestly thought this was some poor MP's wife pleading for the pay rise to be awarded/accepted!

Anonymous said...

CC, that's why MPs are getting a £6,000 pay rise.

They've got to pay for the wife's funding gap and also the mistress/secretary's funding gap.

mombers said...

Funny how despite the majority of the funding gap coming from an ageing population, no one is talking about getting pensioners to contribute a cent more. In fact, pensioner benefits are being increased, e.g. free care homes