Thursday, 25 July 2013

Yet another story about somebody saying the secret to his/her long life is doing the same thing every day...

From The Daily Mail:

The 112-year-old New Yorker has been just crowned the oldest man in the world after Jiroemon Kimura died last month at age 116.  Sanchez-Blazquez, nicknamed 'Shorty', said a daily intake of bananas and six Anacin tablets contributed to his longevity.

"I'm an old man and let's leave it at that," the self-taught musician, coal miner and gin rummy aficionado said in a statement to Guinness World Records.

The funny thing is that it does not appear to matter too much what it is they do every day, it's different things for different people. The problem is, you can only find out what that something is by trial and error or pure luck, and you only get one shot.