Tuesday, 23 July 2013

"when the government called on energy providers to simplify their tariffs, this was presumably not what they had in mind"

and what is it that has happened and that Ed Gill, head of external affairs at Green Energy, which offers 100% renewably sourced tariffs, seems to believe is all the government's fault and the obviously unintended consequence of the demand from David Cameron that the energy companies simplify their tariff's?
Five of 'big six' energy companies drop green tariffs

Campaigners fear the move to scrap tariffs for new customers could undermine national drive to tackle climate change

A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokesman said: "We're making bills easier to understand, cutting the confusing array of tariffs currently on offer, and getting people off poor-value dead tariffs. A number of green tariffs remain on offer for consumers who wish to choose them, including many with smaller suppliers outside of the big six".
So the smaller, wholly green suppliers should presumably be quite pleased, what with most of the big suppliers retreating from the field of 100% Green Tariff's and leaving it open to them. So am I the only person who finds Ed's reaction a little confusing?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Firstly yes, he ought to be delighted.

Secondly, I thought we were all on the bloody green tariff nowadays, paying £300 a year extra to fund windmills and other crapola.

The Thought Gang said...

Of course he should be pleased. So much so, that he should want to raise this issue as often as possible. Just so, y'know, people know what the problem is and where they need to go to fix it.