Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Spokesperson is of course obliged to report as "fact" what the Boss says "he truly believes to be true .."

The DWP said "there is no doubt that this department is pursuing and delivering an aggressive reform agenda. We've already successfully launched the benefit cap, universal credit and the new personal independence payment, and the work programme has got over 320,000 of the hardest to help into jobs. We're bringing in our reforms safely and responsibly, and our ability to deliver these changes cannot be questioned following our well proven track record for delivery."

To take one of those claims at random the suggestion that the Work Programme has really got 320,000 of the genuinely "hardest to help" into real long term jobs is a real lulu .... knowing what we do about the WP if they had claimed it had got 320,000 of the easiest to help into genuine long term real jobs we would probably be justifiably suspicious.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Aha! But that all depends on what "launched" or "got" or "deliver" or "delivery" actually mean.

Launch = "announce some vague plan"

Got = there are 320,000 in work whom the WP found 'hard to help' because those people were not on WP's books and never contacted WP or vice versa.

Deliver = talk about something before it happens

Delivery = talking about something before it happens.