Sunday, 21 July 2013

The site premium

Blogging has been light because in between sitting in the back garden reading, I've been updating the valuations page on the KAALVTN blog.

To cut a long story short, the land valuation process can be done 90% just by mucking about with spreadsheets and the other 10% entails a quick squiz at HM Land Registry plans, a quick drive-by valuation like they did for Council Tax and hearing a few tedious appeals afterwards, caving in where necessary. They already have lists for Council Tax, which can then be updated for the new site premium figures. Job done.

So here's the spreadsheet, type in a postcode and it will tell you what the site premium* for the basic types of homes/plots is:

* The total rental value of land/buildings breaks down into a) actual running costs, b) profit margin/return on capital, and c) the site premium. A tax on land values is ideally just a tax on element c) and not the other two.


Derek said...

Got to thank you for the work you've put into the KAALVTN blog. It is a thing of beauty, useful to every LVT proponent in the UK and abroad. All of us should be pointing it out to anyone with the remotest interest in a fairer tax/benefit system.


Mark Wadsworth said...

D, thanks. Sometimes people link to it elsewhere, which always cheers me up. (I just think the whole thing needs to a bit more concise and punchier).