Monday, 22 July 2013

The Color Red 2

From Wiki and Wiki:

Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), the protagonist and narrator, is a poor, uneducated, fourteen-year-old black girl living in the South and trying to lead a normal life with girlfriend Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker).

She starts writing letters to God (Whoopi Goldberg) because her father, Alphonso (Alphonso Johnson), beats and rapes her. She is approached by Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich), who is afraid that there are people following them, but Frank shrugs him off.

Alphonso has already impregnated Frank once. Frank gives birth to a girl and Marvin drives off, but his car is blown up and the baby is presumably killed in the woods. Sarah convinces Frank, who does not believe Marvin is dead, to go to Marvin's funeral, and after the funeral, Frank has a second child, a boy.

While she is in the maternity ward, Jack Horton (Neal McDonough) appears, killing most of the facility's personnel, and tells Frank that he will torture Sarah, whom her father also abducts.

Frank's mother becomes ill and dies. Alphonso brings home a new wife and continues to abuse Frank, who manages to escape with the help of Marvin, who turns out to be alive, and they go on the run with Sarah. Frank and her bright, pretty younger sister, Nettie (Akosua Busia), learn that Marvin and Frank were being hunted down because they were listed as participants in a secret operation codenamed Nightshade run by a man known only as Mr. Johnson (Danny Glover) who wants to marry Nettie.

Mr. Johnson has a mistress named Shug Avery (Margaret Avery), a sultry lounge singer who conducted an operation in the Cold War in order to smuggle a nuclear weapon into Russia piece by piece. Alphonso refuses to let Nettie marry, and instead Victoria (Helen Mirren) calls and tells them she has accepted a contract from MI6 to kill Frank.

Alphonso offers Mr. Johnson Frank, "an ugly woman," as his bride. Mr. Johnson eventually hires a top contract killer Han Jo-bae (Lee Byung-hun) to kill Frank as well, forcing Frank into a difficult and joyless married life.

Nettie runs away from Alphonso and travels to Paris to track down a man nicknamed "The Frog" (David Thewlis), with Han, whose plane they stole. Mr. Johnson still desires Nettie, but when he advances on her, he is stopped by Katya (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a Russian secret agent who Frank had a relationship with earlier in his career.


The Stigler said...

not bad. South Pacific Rim rocked, though.

BTW Have you seen Pacific Rim yet. I hope to be going sometime this week.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, you are the film buff, you take over :-)