Tuesday, 9 July 2013

"Pictured: Two plane crash survivor families eaten by bear"

From The Daily Mail:

Two families in Alaska who survived a fiery plane crash Sunday were later eaten by one of the bears they had hoped to spot.

The the Antonakos and McManus families, both of South Carolina, won’t be returning home to share their tales. Nine parents and children plus the pilot struggled away from the wreckage alive after a failed take-off 75 miles outside Anchorage, after the families decided to do something new and exciting this summer.

"They were very excited," the father of Kimberly Antonakos, H. Wayne Clayton, said Monday. "They never had been there before and wanted to see bears in the wild."

... The Federal Animal Administration said the likely culprit was a black bear or grizzly bear, based near Nikiski, another Kenai Peninsula community. The pilot of the downed plane was Nikiski-based Walter ‘Willie’ Rediske, company spokesman Andy Harcombe said.

The remains of the victims were sent to the State Medical Examiner's Office in Anchorage for autopsies and positive identifications.


Ian Hills said...

Now let's see, you're meant to walk away from a grizzly, but towards a black bear...or is it the other way round? Perhaps it doesn't matter.

Mark Wadsworth said...

IH, you play dead with a grizzly and fight back if confronted with a black bear.

Problem is, to the untrained eye, they both look exactly the same.

And what about brown bears? Where do they fit in?

Pablo said...

...and koalas? (Yes, I know they're not bears.)

DBC Reed said...

How do they know its one bear ate the whole lot? Sounds like that they went at it mob-handed.