Thursday, 11 July 2013

One Six to watch

From the BBC:

Six protesters are attempting to scale the tallest building in western Europe, The Shard.

The Met Police said the group accessed the building in central London by climbing onto the roof of nearby London Bridge Station. Officers were called to the scene at 04:25 BST.

Greenpeace has confirmed the protesters are from the charity.

The Shard skyscraper stands at 310m (1,016ft) and has 87 storeys. It was officially opened in February.

I wonder how long it will take them to get to the top and whether any of them will lose their grip and fall off? But I wish these nutters best of luck all the same.


Sarton Bander said...


Mark Wadsworth said...

SB, oh come off it don't be so mean spirited.

Whatever their politics, it's a pretty cool stunt. If this was a group of people just doing it for shits and giggles, would you want them to fall?

Sarton Bander said...

Greenpeace are positively evil

DBC Reed said...

When I thought it was guys, I thought "Brave and hardy blokes"; when it transpired it was chicks I thought "It can't be that dangerous then." I was rather ashamed of this sexist stereotyping.
Also they were up there a very long time: how did they take a leak? Guys could just unzip and point it downwind.

Morgan Charles said...

DBC, a possible answer