Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Michael Owen has a very selective memory

From The Daily Express:

Former Liverpool, Newcastle and United star Michael Owen [is] worried about [English football]...

“You couldn't get on this pitch out here when I was a kid,” he says, “You would have to get here at six in the morning to use a goalmouth.

"Every single person was playing football and if you couldn't get a goal you would have to stick a jumper down. Now the computers and the iPhones are winning the battle.”

Yes, bloody kids today, eh? All stuck inside playing console games, like, er, Michael Owen's World League Soccer 99, or maybe they were inspired to buy a Nintendo Wii when they saw that advert featuring Michael Owen and Ian Wright?


Bob E said...

I see the game features "Motion Captured animation based on Michael Owen" - so presumably 5 minutes into every game all the players collpase in a heap clutching one or other of their legs ...