Sunday, 7 July 2013

I did start to read it, honest; but my concentration waned, probably because ...

"The three-year study at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain compared 26 ‘binge-drinking’ students ..." 


" – those who regularly drank a minimum of six units of alcohol, or around three pints, in one sitting at least once a week – "

righty oh, so on that basis there must have been a considerable number of persons 'binge-drinking' at er barbies and the like, yesterday ..

"with 31 others who did not regularly drink as much". 

and ?

"Later, when sober, the students were asked to react to different flashing symbols.

There was no measurable difference in speed or accuracy of response between the two groups, and no deterioration over time.

However, brain-power measurements showed that ‘binge-drinkers’ had to work harder to achieve the same result.   

With the more sober group, peak brain activity stayed at about 18 microvolts while the drinkers started at 20 microvolts in their first year and went up to 22 microvolts in their third year."

And so from this we they conclude ?

Just three pints of beer a week can dull your brain by 20% and make it harder to react to stimulus

Which I guess means there is no point trying to ask anyone who was 'binge-drinking' yesterday whether they think that is true or not ...


Morgan Charles said...

Or, having removed the Bansturbator's Bonnet (the one with the bee in it), you could conclude that alcohol is good for your brain, because it gives it more of a workout doing the same task, like wearing running weights, and therefore you end up with a stronger brain.

View from the Solent said...

"Just three pints of beer a week can dull your brain by 20% and make it harder to react to stimulus"

18 muV or 22 muV. Which is the greater reaction to a stimulus?

Mark Wadsworth said...

MC, unfortunately, your comments are still going straight to spam, despite your shiny new blogger ID. And agreed to the "carrying weights" analogy.

VFTS, the latter, which makes a mockery of the whole thing, doesn't it?

Morgan Charles said...

Can't you somehow persuade Google I'm kosher?

Mark Wadsworth said...

MC, I've sent them some "feedback".

Nessimmersion said...

I believe this was originally covered by Cliff from Cheers with the buffalo and beer theory