Monday, 22 July 2013

Fun Online Polls: Irritating expressions & the fall in crime

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

Irritating words and expressions

Sustainable - 41%

Kate's baby - 24%
Can I get..? - 16%
In the the community - 11%
Fine toothcomb - 5%
On the planet - 2%

It was a good turnout with 116 people voting (thanks as always) and here were your other pet hates:

DBC Reed - Hard working families, recovery in the housing market, vibrant
Anon - Real help now
Np - Affordable housing, green shoots
UK Liberty - Going forward
Sinper - Draw a line under it
Me - Black hole, timebomb, lost (as in "land being lost to new development")
Wigner's Friend - At this moment in time....
Dave - Saying floor when it should be ground or pavement (I'm not familiar with that one, actually).

The temptation is now to try and construct a sentence including as many of those phrases as possible, but it's less effort just waiting for the next speech by Cleggeron (check against delivery).
For this week's Fun Online Poll, let's take another look at the reasons suggested for the almost universal fall in crime over the last twenty years or so. There's always a bit of statistical tomfoolery with the stat's, but this phenomenon has been observed consistently, year by year, in so many different countries that it must be genuine.

There was a good list of possible reasons in The Soaraway Sun (of all places), to which I shall add a couple of traditional ones and two suggested by The Stigler in the comments to a previous post.

On a completely non-scientific basis, please choose the ones which you think best explain the fall in crime - as few or as many as you like.

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