Monday, 8 July 2013

Fun Online Polls: EU election/referendum Part II

The responses to last week's Fun Online Poll - with a good turnout, thanks to everybody who took part - were as follows:

How would you vote if the following options were on the ballot paper at the 2014 EU Parliament elections?

BNP - 0%
Conservatives - 3%
Green Party - 3%
Labour - 1%
Liberal Democrats - 4%
SNP or Plaid Cymru - 1%
UKIP - 41%
None of the above - I'd like the UK to leave the EU - 47%

So well done all those Ukippers who put party before principle, although UKIP now has now nearly 73 MEPs, the UK is still in the EU.
I suppose for a fair comparison, I ought to run that poll again without the "Out" option to see what happens.

So that's this week's Fun Online Poll. Vote here or use the widget in the sidebar.


Ralph Musgrave said...

Don’t understand the unpopularity of the BNP. They opposed the Iraq war from day 1, in contrast to Labour and Tory Party racists who went off to Iraq and killed tens of thousands of Muslims for no good reason.

The BNP predicted that the war would result in blood on our streets, and so it did on 7/7.

Tony “dick-head” Blair who organised the mass migration to the UK of Muslims while in power, is now pointing to the dangers of Islam. See:

Perhaps the BNP would be more popular if it started spouting the same drivel that we get from the main parties. Or perhaps the BNP ought to fund itself by stealing taxpayers’ money (selling honours, etc), rather than relying on members’ subscriptions and donations. Or perhaps the BNP ought to do a bit more Muslim style murder and violence.

Morgan Charles said...

RM, at a guess, the lack of popularity of the BNP is because it is seen as too right-wing by the majority, but its policies are too socialist to get much support from the hard right.