Thursday, 18 July 2013

Daily Mail estate agent-cum-crime reporter dabbles in art

From The Daily Mail:

A primary school art prodigy has seen his earnings soar to £1.5million – after the latest sale of his work raised almost £250,000 in just 20 minutes.

Ten-year-old Kieron Williamson, known as the ‘mini Monet’, has gained international renown since he began painting landscapes on a family holiday five years ago. A sale of a collection last summer took his earnings past the million-pound mark.

And how is he going to spend all that money?

Kieron has used his earnings from his paintings to buy a £150,000 house in Ludham on the Norfolk Broads...

Other highlights (apart from the paintings themselves, which are really good):

His father says "We don’t put any pressure on him. He just paints when he wants to". A couple of sentences later it is reported that "Kieron will be home-tutored from next year so he can focus on painting."