Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A week really is a long time in politics

On Friday 19th July this appeared on this very blog: '... creating a single independent procurement organisation for central civil government...'  noting, amongst other things the report Making Public Service Markets Work from the  Institute for Government and that that very day the Public Administration Select Committee had published a two volume report on its investigation into Government Procurement and suggested that with these two reports now public the issue they covered "would surely get the proper attention that it deserves .."

Indeed it must have done, because a scant 5 days later a Cabinet Office Press Release informs us that New Whitehall central buying service to save more for taxpayers

“The new integrated commercial service will be established in autumn 2013, building on the evolution of Government Procurement Service over the last few years. It will deliver savings by ensuring that government acts as a true single customer”.

That is of course the Cabinet Office run GPS

In the Press Release Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office said:

“This government’s commercial reforms have already saved the taxpayer £3.8 billion. But hard-working families expect us to go further. The new Crown Commercial Service will ensure a step change in our commercial capability, giving government a much tighter grip on all aspects of its commercial performance, from market engagement through to contract management”.

and right at the foot of the Press Release:-

Notes to editors

The Crown Commercial Service will bring together the Government Procurement Service and other Cabinet Office teams.