Friday, 21 June 2013

And given all those "alcoholic drinks being sold for less than bottled water" claims we can surely only conclude

that Britain has by far, the most  incredibly expensive bottled water across the entirety of Europe, too

Britain has some of the highest prices for alcohol and tobacco in the EU and shoppers pay more than average for milk, cheese and eggs, according to official figures from the EU statistical office, Eurostat.

Booze prices in Britain are 43% above the EU average, while cigarettes cost 94% more and are the third highest in the EU, only just behind Ireland and Norway.

General food and non-alcoholic beverage prices in Britain are 4% above the EU average, and milk, cheese and eggs are 7% more. However bread prices are 11% below the average for Europe.


Lola said...

Yes. I've noticed that. But, why?

Mark Wadsworth said...

hehe, nice one.

Bayard said...

"However bread prices are 11% below the average for Europe."

Not if you consider what you are getting for your money. If you take quality into account, bread prices are about 50% higher than the average for Europe.