Thursday, 9 May 2013

Reported "but aside from that, we've nailed it all down precisely" of the day?

"Scottish government officials admitted they did not know how many street lights were involved, or the eventual CO2 savings or the total cost of this programme, arguing that the project was in its early stages."

Street lamps in Scotland could switch to 100% low-energy bulbs
9 May 2013: Ministers unveil plans for the green investment bank to fund a Scotland-wide LED lighting programme.


A K Haart said...

I thought street lights were already low energy with respect to the light emitted.

Bob E said...

A K H - well if this


is to be believed, the replacement LED lights are so bright they "fry your brains"

Whether or not the claim is true, we can only hope that North of the Border and elsewhere where they are considering, or in the case of my Borough actually carrying out, replacement of standard lighting with LED's they factor in the "additional costs to the NHS of treated people with LED fried brain's" when they work out how much is being saved by installing them, just in case the claim is found to be correct.

View from the Solent said...

What are those Scottish government officials going to do with all the CO2 that they save?

Barnacle Bill said...

VftS - to produce a carbonated version of that great Scottish tipple - Bucky!

The Stigler said...

LEDs do have one major benefit for streetlighting - the bulbs last a long time, so you can reduce the maintenance time for them.

But you know that they won't just change it over when a light fails.