Thursday, 9 May 2013

Louise Mensch: Satirical genius

From The Daily Mail, who in turn pinched it from an article on her blog.

It's the Pippa Middleton "I-know-you're-laughing-at-me-so-I'll-ham-it-up-even-more" technique:

Mrs Mensch, who quit politics to move to America, says she has been diagnosed with a form of attention deficit disorder (ADD), which meant she was 'self-medicating' for stress with a large glass of wine after work every night.

She has now encouraged others to give up drinking because it will improve mood, sleep patterns, and refresh the skin. The 41-year-old says she was diagnosed with ADD (type 2 inattentive), which has an impact on concentration.

On her Unfashionista blog, under the title 'Why-ne O'Clock', she wrote that moving to America "had a number of beneficial side effects, but the most profound has been that I have almost completely given up alcohol.

"Like many British women I relished that moment every night, after work, when I could get a large glass of white somewhere, and relax. I now realise it was also putting the breaks on the spinning atoms in my head, caused by untreated ADD. I was self-medicating for stress.

"And Britain is a culture in love with alcohol. In fact not to drink makes you weird and a killjoy. But alcohol was ruining my quality of life, although I didn't understand this fully until I stopped wanting to drink it. The elephant in the room is that British culture is completely off-base about booze. It's NOT ok to drink wine every night. It's not ok even to have a large glass of wine when you do'.


Rich Tee said...

I'm thinking of defining a new disorder. It will be called CSD or Compulsively Superficial Disorder.