Monday, 22 April 2013

"Stonehenge general manager sought"

From the BBC

The prehistoric stones of Stonehenge are to be cared for by a general manager for the first time.

English Heritage says it needs "a dynamic and inspirational leader" to look after the site in Wiltshire. Duties for the £16,500-a-year job include liaising with the Wiltshire monument's two or three volunteers and ringing up Farmer Jim to ask him to pop round with his tractor to pull cars out of the muddy car park.

Other responsibilities include overseeing arrangements for summer and winter solstices. English Heritage's Tim Reeve said it was "important to ensure we keep the dignity of the stones".

"You could drinking tea in the drizzle one minute and shouting "FOR FUCK'S SAKE! STOP CLIMBING ON THE STONES!" the next. Then you can be back in a state-of-the-art visitors' caravan flogging fridge magnets," he added.

"The next time you could be in a boiler suit, trying to unblock the portable toilets."

He said it was also important to make sure "solstice celebrations aren't in some way compromising the mystery and integrity of the stones". Our interview was interrupted briefly while he shouted "FOR FUCK'S SAKE! STOP CLIMBING ON THE FUCKING STONES!" several times, followed by "YES YOU! I CAN SEE YOU, YOU KNOW! Jeez."

English Heritage has called for only "the brightest and best" candidates to apply for the position. Preference will be given to people with experience in explaining to American tourists that the nearest hotel is several miles away, that there are no rides for the kids and yes, this is the real thing, not a scaled down model.


Bayard said...

"yes, this is the real thing, not a scaled down model."

Some friends of my parents took an American visitor to see Stonehenge. Her reaction on seeing it was, "What? those liddle stones?"

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, we drove past them on the way to Cornwall, and I can't say I was best impressed.