Tuesday, 26 March 2013

"Daily Mail plumbs new depths with article about 45-year-old losing his virginity to 'sex therapist', 68"

From Channel 4:

A still photograph from a documentary about a 45-year-old IT engineer losing his virginity to a 68-year-old 'sex surrogate' has been published in a major UK newspaper.

The Daily Mail article about a documentary called "40-Year-Old Virgins" shows devout Christian Clive lying naked in bed with Cheryl Cohen-Greene, a sex therapist and surrogate sexual partner whose work inspired last year's Oscar-nominated film The Sessions starring Helen Hunt.

The article included salacious details about Ms Cohen-Greene performin a sex act on shy Clive, from Hertfordshire, and him having intercourse for the first time after a fortnight of radical sex therapy with the surrogate.


Lola said...

That leaves me utterly speechless...

Richard Allan said...

The link's broken.

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, indeed.

RA, oops, I have updated.