Friday, 15 March 2013

"Average Britons" according to The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has published the figures from a press release:

The study also revealed that the average ‘middle class’ Briton holds down a full-time job earning a salary of £24,744. And combined with their partner’s wages they have a household income of around £43,592. ‘Middle class’ Britons also live in a three-bedroom detached home worth an average of £278,714.

Researchers also found that those who consider themselves to be middle class own one car per household - most likely to be a Ford, Vauxhall or Toyota. They also holiday in Europe on self-catering package holidays and have an average of £25,963 in savings or tied up in investments.

Let's take those figures at face value, as we always do, if you stick them in the spreadsheet and assume one child at home, they would end up £10,000 a year better off under a 50/50 flat income tax/flat LVT-only tax system...

For sure, most of that £10,000 saving is in all the stealth taxes which people would no longer have to pay/bear, like VAT, Employer's National Insurance, Council Tax and so on, but the saving is still there, and will quickly feed through into higher wages, better job security, lower cost of living etc.


adamcollyer said...

Studies show that the average middle class person is middle class, and that the average household with an income just over £40k earns between £40k and £45k. And reads the Daily Mail.