Thursday, 21 March 2013

Archbishop of Cantebury says some Roman Catholic priests have relationships of 'stunning quality'

From The Daily Mail:

Justin Welby will today be officially enthroned as the Archbishop of Canterbury - and for the first time in history, the person presiding over the ceremony will be a woman...

In another break with tradition, Mr Welby has praised some Roman Catholic priests for the 'stunning, albeit very private, quality' of their relationships, and offered to meet prominent Catholic Pope Francis to discuss his position on modifying their vow of celibacy.

The new Archbishop has repeatedly expressed opposition to all sex outside of marriage, including between priests and their housemaids or choirboys, but in an interview with BBC News today he said: 'You see priest/housekeeper unions that are just stunning in the quality of the relationship.'

He added that his views had been affected by 'particular friends where I recognise that and am deeply challenged by it'.

After being publicly criticised by Pope Francis for speaking out against the vow of celibacy, Mr Welby emailed him thanking him for the 'very thoughtful' open letter and offering to meet to discuss the issue 'without the mediation of a priest'.

'I draw the line at letting them marry a choir boy though,' added the former oil company executive. 'I'm not completely mad.'


Dr Evil said...

There is all sorts of bollox spouted on about the introduction of celibacy. I understand that it was so that priests would will their worldly goods, land money etc to the church and not their families since they wouldn't be having one.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DrE, that is also my understanding, also to prevent the even worse situation of a papal family installing itself as quasi-royalty in charge of all the church's wealth, cf. Borgias.